Crypto Snack – White Paper

White Paper

June 2022

Version 2.2


What is Crypto Snack?

Crypto Snack is focused on bringing the digital and physical world together. Crypto Snack believes the future of payments will be with digital currencies. To achieve the mass adoption of crypto currencies, payments need to be fast and simple for the user. SNACK wants to be a global currency and a leader in the payment world.

The Crypto Snack brand is a fun and innovative DeFi Token that’s focused on growing the crypto community by bringing the physical and digital world together. It has 3 distinct brands – SNACK Token, Green Snack and Snack Gaming. Crypto Snack is launched on the Binance Smart Chain to benefit from super low transaction fees and one of the fastest settlement times. Snack is focused on bringing efficiency and utility to the crypto currency market by becoming the number one Token in the iGaming Industry.

The future of Crypto SNACK Token is a payment method that will be widely accepted by all major crypto payment providers. Our first entry to the payment market will be through eGaming and iGaming as a payment option listed with Coins Paid. Crypto Snack is in discussion with challenger banks and prepaid mastercard/visa providers to allow its holders to spend Snack like any other currency. Snack wants to have full utility in the payment market to increase the mass adoption of crypto currencies and make the transition away from traditional methods as easy as possible.


Crypto Snack is a Green Token! To change the conversation around crypto currencies and their environmental impact we developed the brand ‘Green Snack’ to focus on environmental issues. Snack cares for the environment and wants to help fight climate change. We have identified carbon offsetting as an area we can really make a difference. We are setting up a green treasury with tokens locked for green projects. Green Snack will look to work on 3 components for CO2 tracker: carbon tax, implied floor price per ton, and limits on emissions. All carbon offsets will be registered on the blockchain. The Treasury stands to gain from exposure to the above when regulators make a move. We currently have a strategic partner who will become the CEO of Green Snack and is working in the environmental industry. They will be charged with identifying projects we can have the most impact on. Green Snack will be officially launched in the third quarter of 2022. For every ton of carbon offset we plan to burn 1 SNACK token.


Snack Gaming was developed to utilise the team’s experience and knowledge within the iGaming industry. SNACK will become the number one token in the iGaming industry and be synonymous with all things iGaming. The token is already partnered and listed with the biggest payment processor in the iGaming industry – Coins Paid. We are one of only 31 tokens listed on this processor and the first BEP20 token listed. This partnership also gives us access to over 300 online casino and sports betting operators who can use our token as a payment method. We designed our website to be fully SEO enabled to act as a casino affiliate website to send high value crypto casino traffic to existing partners and in the future Snack Casino. SNACK has been specifically created to be used as a payment method and fits into the iGaming industry perfectly. As we are the first BEP20 token listed with Coins Paid we benefit from the lowest transaction costs and fastest settlement times over other blockchains. All of these advantages place us in a unique and hugely advantageous position within the iGaming industry.


All these brands have a common goal of serving the community of holders to grow the business while continuing to dedicate a portion of its tokens to fight climate change. This makes us the next unicorn to come out of the crypto world.



The Crypto SNACK token (SNACK) is a BEP-20 token standard, native to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). SNACK currently offers great utility within the iGaming Industry and beyond. Additionally, in the future the Crypto Snack protocol allows users to earn rewards by staking on CEX. This can be achieved with a simple Binance Smart Chain contract in JulWallet, TrustWallet or MetaMask wallet integration. Furthermore, Crypto Snack is one of many decentralized applications (dApps) that form the Binance ecosystem. In the future Crypto Snack plans to build a platform that is a fully decentralized and democratised AMM that serves the interests of the Snackers community.


In the future SNACK will offer great utility not only as a payment method within the iGaming industry but also for day to day life like traditional currencies. Crypto Snack plans to grow the ecosystem, including iGaming, eGaming, eCommerce and eSports. The Crypto Snack model of returning profits from business activity to the liquidity pool will be applied at the last day of the calendar month.


The original token supply of Crypto Snack (SNACK) was 10,000,000,000 SNACKS. Burning in the future is possible but the ability to mint SNACK is not available. The SNACK TEAM have LOCKED SNACKS (10 Years with 10% being released each year) to help achieve the long term goals of the project, and reassures holders of the longevity of the project. The purpose of locking tokens is to be as transparent and legitimate as possible so the Snacker community knows that the Snack Team is in the project for the long term.

WEB3 & Blockchain development

Crypto Snack wants to be a leader in bringing businesses into the Blockchain Space, this is key to promote mass adoption of crypto currencies

To develop our blockchain business Crypto Snack is looking to develop/build solutions for secure peer-to-peer payments and immediate microtransactions and to develop self-executing smart contracts. We will put our knowledge and blockchain technology skills into action for the success of the company. As an experienced blockchain development team, Crypto Snack helps both startups and enterprises take advantage of the decentralized network built on blockchain.


The Crypto Snack development team will write any type of smart contracts, including BSC, Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, and NEO-based. To make sure there are no flaws, misbehaviors and security holes in the smart contract code, we perform full-scale pre-release functional and non-functional testing.


For businesses or ideas that need a platform for project monetization, our team is well-versed in delivering Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) or Initial Dex Offerings (IDO). We will provide an accurate technical realization of your ICO/IDO ecosystem: develop an BEP20/ERC20-compliant token, build your wallet and oracles, and review the technical and QA parts of your Whitepaper.


Crypto Snack will also develop Decentralized APPS (Dapps). Dapps combine a number of interrelated smart contracts, united by a business logic and frontend. These apps help customers enable faster payment processing and provide secure and reliable data records. Our team can build a complete Dapp architecture, including communication with oracles, and create a comprehensive UX/UI design.


To develop this business we would execute a separate fundraising round to hire the best talent necessary for this project.


Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is an innovative solution to bring programmability and interoperability to Binance Chain. Binance Smart Chain relies on a system of 21 validators with Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus that can support short block time and lower fees. BSC has over 125 Million wallet addresses and aims to make DeFi accessible for everyone. By facilitating low-cost, cross-chain token swaps and simple Binance Smart Chain MetaMask/Trust Wallet/Julwallet integration, BSC lowers the barrier of entry to DeFi. This is the reason BSC was chosen for Snack to run on because of all the benefits it offers users. BSC and ETH run on parallel chains so it is easy for Snack to use MetaMask. MetaMask is a web3 wallet — an online ‘hot’ wallet that features in your browser. MetaMask makes it super easy to interact with hundreds of platforms across different blockchain networks.

Snacker Community

The Snacker Community is the most important piece of the Snack universe. Snack will bring a diverse community to its ecosystem. Because the Snack brand brings together Crypto enthusiasts, all levels of iGaming participants, the environmental community and everyone who is looking to move away from Fiat Currencies to an alternative option. The SNACK community will be engaged through Discord, Facebook/Instagram, Reddit, Telegram and Twitter. As Crypto Snacks goal is to bring together the digital and physical worlds, there will be monthly community meet ups in Barcelona (but rolled out globally through community moderators in different countries) and a large blockchain and crypto conference each year in October where all the holders are welcome. These offline meetups are key to the success of the SNACK token and community engagement.


Why use Crypto Snack?

There are several reasons that are causing people to turn away from the Bitcoin and Ethereum Network towards Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSC is faster and cheaper to use than Ethereum. With gas prices reaching incredible heights, many simply can’t afford to use Ethereum-based DeFi protocols. BSC has a transaction fee which can be as low as 1 cent. Furthermore, block confirmation times are around three seconds per block. Also, when compared to Ethereum, BSC has a much lower barrier to entry. The Binance ecosystem is thriving at the moment, with several successful projects all supported by one of the largest and most successful blockchain communities around. With Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, BSC makes it seamless for Solidity developers to go ahead and move to the new BSC platform. All these benefits make Snack the perfect payment method for iGaming, eGaming, eCommerce, eSports and the new age of digital banking.


Snack Gaming

Snack aims to be the number one token within the iGaming industry. To achieve Snacks goals, the Snack brand will open its own online betting and crypto casino based on the Snack Token. The Crypto Industry and the iGaming Industry have many crossovers and share several benefits for both the user and operator. Crypto Snack will be a disruptor to the current landscape as it will not only be a recognized casino affiliate, it will also be an operator and a currency used to play. Having the full utility in the iGaming space is a unique advantage that will really benefit the Snacker Community. To further benefit the Snack Community a percentage of the Snack Casino profits will be added to the liquidity pool each month as a payback to the SNACK Community.


Green Snack

Green Snack is being developed to make a real difference to the planet. Green Snack will act as a treasury, burning SNACKs for each ton of Carbon that has been offset through our treasury and registered on the BSC Blockchain. The Green Snack project will release its own ‘Green Paper’ in the third quarter of 2022 to outline the treasury’s mandate and the objectives it hopes to achieve. The long term goal for the Green Treasury is to create its own Carbon Registry and register all the offset carbon on the blockchain. Additionally to benefit the Snack Community a percentage of the Green Snack profits will be added to the SNACK liquidity pool to benefit the SNACK holders.



Q1 2022


Private Sale

Integrate with CoinsPaid

Build the SNACK Team


Q2 2022


Launch on 31st of March

Staking available on

Announce partnership RCD Espanyol


Q3 2022


Integrate with BGaming

Integrate with FinchTrade

Choose iGaming Partners

Snack Live Events


Q4 2022


Launch Green Snack Carbon Credit Purchasing Program

Develop our blockchain technology

List on another 2 top exchanges

Develop the Snack Educational Content


Q1 2023


SNACK Token used in the top iGaming platforms in the world

Launch Snack Blockchain Technologies

Launch of our own SNACK branded games


Q2 2023


SNACK expanding its Football Club partnerships globally

Launch of the Snack Ambassador program

Launch Snack Sports


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000


Token Symbol: SNACK Token

Type: BEP20


Contract: 0x86accc2580da5bd522a0eec7c881a0d4f33de657

70% Tokens for Sale

10% Retained for Crypto Snack Team

5% Marketing & Advisor

5% Reserved for Ecosystem

10% For Green Treasury

White Paper –


Snack Team Tokens

Locked for 10 Years – 10% of tokens are released every 12 months of the 10 Years

Advisors & Marketing

Strong marketing is needed to grow the token. Adding specialist advisors to help the token enter different markets.


Rewards & Ecosystem

This allocation will be used to operate and link all of the Snack Projects running with the token.


Green Treasury

These Snacks will be used in the exchange of Carbon Credits.