The Snackers community is fully committed about the future of the planet. We’re well aware of the environmental dangers crypto mining poses. Climate change is real no matter if the world denies it. We believe that we can all make a change, and we’ll always fight for a better future.

For that reason, the Crypto SNACK project is allocating 10% of all tokens to green energy projects. We’re focusing our attention to developing countries with a high reliance on fossil fuels. In the first 6-12 months, we’ll be collecting info on a variety of green projects. At the end of that period and after a thorough revision, we’ll choose the best green projects based on their long-term effect and sustainability.

CO2 Neutral Website

Our website is fully CO2 Neutral just like any site should be. This kind of website provides our brand with a more sustainable brand. We believe that green projects such as this give Earth a chance to survive longer. Our carbon emissions are through the roof and by making a small change, everyone can participate in the green revolution.

It’s now or never for crypto projects to jump on the green train. Renewable energy sources exist and are pretty easy to implement and use. Why harm the planet mining for coins when you can have a coin that doesn’t hurt it? We’re all about green projects and sustainability, and it’s all reflected in our token.

Everyone should have a green conscience, and thankfully, our Snackers community is pretty focused on it. By investing in green projects and working on sustainability, we’re effectively reducing our carbon footprint. If everyone else did that, climate change will be significantly reduced and the world will be a much better place to live.

Change starts within ourselves, and that’s why our token is so invested in green projects. We’re trying to raise awareness about climate change and high CO2 emissions, and we hope that others follow our example.

How We Pick the Green Projects

As mentioned, we will look at different green projects in developing countries in the first 6-12 months after launch. The world is still highly dependent on fossil fuels – this goes double for developing countries. We’re going to look at green projects in those countries and have allocated 10% of our tokens in circulation to that cause.

After half or a full year, we’ll choose the projects that deserve our attention. Those won’t be randomly selected. Our Snackers community will choose the ones with the highest sustainability rate and long-term effect on the environment. We truly want to choose the absolute best programs. We’ll then give them a push in the right direction and hopefully make meaningful changes to the environment.

If we all work together toward a better and greener future, we can achieve it. Global warming and climate change is becoming a real problem, and instead on waiting for governments to act, we can make a change ourselves.

The Green SNACK project is fully dedicated to this goal, and we’re fully focused on a greener and cleaner future.