Everyone can create a crypto coin nowadays. Just like apps, there are coins for this and that, but not all of them are good. Wondering what makes our crypto token so great is a legitimate question. Worry not – we’re going to show you precisely what the Crypto Snack project is and help you understand our green goals.

What is Crypto Snack?

Crypto Snack is a fair DeFi token that’s been launched by a team of crypto enthusiasts. We’re not just another copy of Bitcoin or Ethereum. We are a close-knit community that earns, owns, and governs all Crypto Snack tokens. We rely on the traditional aspects of the financial system, replacing the middlemen with a decentralized community and smart contracts blockchain technology.

We allow anyone into our community. As long as you stick to the goals you can find in the white paper, the SNACK token is open to all. Furthermore, Crypto Snack is one of the many dApps (decentralized apps) that form the Binance ecosystem, one of the premier crypto exchanges in the world.

Our community puts the needs of our Snackers first. However, our goal is much bigger than that. We strive for a green crypto community and in the future, we’ll dedicate a part of our tokens to green energy projects. Because we’re all about sustainability and green environment.

How Does It Fit with Casino Snacks?

What makes Casino Snacks so great? SNACK is a token native to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which means that it’s relatively easy to get. Our blockchain technology relies on smart contracts. BSC is a much faster and cheaper token to use than Ethereum, for example, making our SNACKs a much better choice for use in crypto casinos.

Solidity developers will generate alliances with SNACK companies in the future to incorporate SNACK reward codes that can be swapped on our platform.

To put it simply, SNACK allows you to play casino games and earn snacks. It may not be real food snacks, but trust us – you’re going to love these.

Green Snack – Our Environmental Goals

SNACK is all about looking at the big picture. Our Snackers community is fully dedicated to a greener Earth. We’re all about green energy solutions and sustainability, and we’ve developed the SNACK token to be 100% green.

The biggest problem the world is facing right now is climate change. We can all make a change by moving to greener solutions – that was our goal from the beginning. We’ve allocated 10% of our tokens to green energy projects, and that number may rise soon.

We will take a look at green projects to pick in the first 6-12 months after launch. They will be picked on sustainability and long-term effects.

We should all make a change to save the Earth. With SNACK, you can invest in crypto, play casino games, get snacks, and save the Earth at once.

Our team

Daniel Saludes
Snacks Chief of HODL


Jordi Arcaz Sanchez
Snacks Chief of Creativity & Design


Jorge Serra
Snacks Chief of Bitcoin Community


Stuart Morrison
Snacks Chief of Relations




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